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The world has entered the sustainability era.  Economic and financial success will be linked to the ability of leaders across business, civil society, and the public sector to address daunting global issues including poverty, climate change, human rights, health, education, security, development, and more as identified in the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact ROI’s mission is to help organizations achieve superior social, environmental, and financial performance.

Through research and management consulting, Impact ROI assesses the value of ESG and enables our clients to design high impact strategies that support people, planet, and profit. Impact ROI supports our clients with program design and implementation; stakeholder relationship management; partnership formulation; and a full spectrum of services to enhance an organization’s ESG approach and performance.

As the lead authors of the acclaimed Project ROI research series (described by Forbes as “a Godsend”) we have developed the pathway for companies, civil society organizations, and government agencies to deliver sustainable and collaborative impact.

Our global team of experts brings decades of experience and expertise.

We’ve served leaders across every major industry, every major environmental, social, and governance issue, and leading organizations working on the SDGs across the world.

What Sets Us Apart

The partner you need to thrive in the sustainability era.

  • The leader in defining and measuring the financial and competitive business case for sustainability. Impact ROI’s CEO Steve Rochlin is the lead author of the Project ROI Series of Research Including:
    • Defining the Competitive and Financial Advantages of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
    • The Business ROI of Social Investments
    • Driving Corporate Involvement in Community Health and Well-being.
  • The leader in designing and building Impact ESG, Sustainability, and CSR Strategies. We help companies integrate ESG into the business to drive financial, social, and environmental results. We can focus these strategies on specific areas of ESG practice, as well as building global, enterprise-wide strategies. In addition, we work with civil society organizations and governments to enhance their ESG Impact Strategies and their ability to partner with the private sector.
  • Uniquely trusted by business and external stakeholders alike. Our work and experience spans boundaries across the private, public, and civil sectors. We help bridge cultural divides and align key performance indicators to develop mutually beneficial strategies and outcomes.
  • A trusted partner of industry leaders. Our clients include the world’s leading companies, associations, NGOs, multilateral organizations, and foundations.

Impact ROI:

Dozens of Leading Clients Across Sectors

Lead Author of the 3 Project ROI Research Reports

Decades of Experience

Our Team

Steve Rochlin

CEO and Founder
Steve Rochlin formed Impact ROI as the new banner to continue the work of IO

Bob Beer

Senior Advisor
Bob has 30 years experience in business-to-business marketing, product and market development, and

Louise Hilsen

Senior Advisor
Louise Hilsen draws on more than three decades of public policy experience in Washington, DC and

Terry Huang

Senior Advisor
Terry Huang is Professor and Director of the Center for Systems and Community Design at the City

Lane Jost

Senior Advisor
Lane Jost, is Head of ESG Advisory US, Edelman Smithfield Lane is a seasoned ESG executive having

Jessica McGlyn

Senior Advisor
Jessica is Founder and President of Catalynics, a consultancy with the mission to help corporations

Andy Molinsky

Senior Advisor
Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, with a joint

Rodell Mollineau

Senior Advisor
Rodell Mollineau is a political and public affairs strategist with 20 years of experience

Lisa Novick

Senior Advisor
Lisa has worked in the marketing/communications and philanthropy fields for 30 years.  She ran the

Matt Rees

Senior Advisor
Matthew Rees is the founder of Geonomica, an editorial consulting firm that works with clients on

Lisa White

Senior Advisor
Lisa has a Master’s in Public health from the University of Washington (UW), focusing on Maternal

Garnet Heraman

Senior Advisor
Garnet S. Heraman is an investor + influencer with over 25 years experience at the intersection of brands,

Chris Lloyd

Senior Advisor
Chris is the former executive director of corporate responsibility for Verizon Communications. For over 25
Our Clients

Since co-founding Impact ROI’s predecessor, IO Sustainability, CEO Steve Rochlin has led teams serving over 50 of the world’s leading global corporations, industry associations, NGOs, standard setting bodies, multilateral organizations, and government agencies.

Read more for examples featuring our recent work.


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