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IMPACT ROI Launches with Mission to Maximize Corporate Responsibility Profitability

Company Makes Business Case for Doing Good, Enabling Clients to Thrive While Meeting Sustainable Environmental and Social Development Goals

A new company, IMPACT ROI, has launched with a mission to help clients maximize their financial, social, and environmental performance. IMPACT ROI is an outgrowth of IO Sustainability, the company co-founded by IMPACT ROI CEO lead author of the Project ROI research series, and 23-year industry veteran, Steve Rochlin.

IMPACT ROI works to enable companies, NGOs, and government agencies alike to take full advantage of the landmark findings of the Project ROI research series, described by Forbes as a “godsend” for those working in the ESG (environmental, social, and governance), Sustainability, and CSR professions.

“The world has entered the sustainability era.” said Steve Rochlin, “Every business, NGO, social enterprise, and government agency needs a partner to help it deliver superior results against a scorecard of social and environmental key performance indicators. We not only deliver those results, but directly link it to a company’s sales and productivity increases and a host of other benefits.”

Project ROI has demonstrated that when done well, ESG helps companies increase sales by as much as 20%, increase share price by as much as 6%, reduce employee turnover by as much as 50%, increase productivity by 13%, and reduce reputation and litigation risk by as much as 7% of the firm’s market value.

According to Michael Carren, Head of Corporate and Social Responsibility for Guardian Life Insurance Company,

“IMPACT ROI provides the most informed and thoughtful research, consulting, and guidance a Corporate Responsibility leader could wish for.”

IMPACT ROI will support its clients across the full range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and CSR needs. “Our team of experienced ESG practitioners and experts supports clients in developing high impact projects that will benefit society while enhancing financial performance,” said Rochlin.  “Based on our unique insights, we can determine the financial value CR and sustainability will generate; identify the customer segments whose purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by ESG considerations; and develop organizational wide Impact Strategies to drive financial, environmental, and social results.”