Impact Strategy

Impact ROI will work with you to design strategies that achieve measurable financial, social, and environmental impact. Our approach mobilizes the C-Suite, Board of Directors, Business Lines, and Sustainability and CSR Teams to build high-impact, integrated approaches to ESG (environment, social, and governance). Our Strategies can utilize ESG to drive competitive success by aligning with:

  • Sales, Marketing, and Growth
  • Product Development
  • Cost Reduction and Productivity
  • Reputation and Brand
  • War for Talent and Human Resources
  • Risk Reduction
  • Government Relations and Public Affairs
  • Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation
  • Investor Relations

Our process utilizes proven tools that have been applied in the world’s leading companies. This includes the ESG Value-Creating Diagnostic Tool which identifies the opportunities and priorities for ESG to create financial value as well as positive impact for people and planet.

Our ESG Competitive Strategy Tool helps the company apply and advance Project ROI’s good practice framework of Fit, Commit, Manage, and Connect in order to drive financial and societal returns.

We specialize in engaging the C-Suite and core business lines and staff functions to utilize ESG as a driver of financial and competitive success. We can focus Impact Strategies on specific areas of ESG practice ranging from Community Investment and the Foundation; to Environment, Health, and Safety; to Responsible Procurement; to Reporting and Disclosure; to Diversity and Inclusion; and so on. We can focus on specific markets and regions, or address worldwide operations.

In addition, we work with civil society organizations and governments to enhance their ESG Impact Strategies and their ability to partner with the private sector.