Increase Sales and Reputation

• Increase revenue by up to 20%

• Drive up to 20% price premium

• Build a reputation asset based on CR worth up to 11% of total firm value

Enhance Firm Value, Share Price & Reduce Risk

• Increase market value by up to 6%

• Over a 15 year period, increase stakeholder value by $1.28 billion

• Reduce systemic risk by 4%

Improve Human Resources

  • Reduce the company’s turnover rate by up to 50%
  • Increase employee productivity by up to 13%
  • Increase employee engagement by up to 4%
Our Story

The world has entered the sustainability era.

Every business, non-profit, social enterprise, and government agency needs a partner to help it deliver superior results against a scorecard of financial, social, and environmental key performance indicators.

This is the role and mission of Impact ROI. It’s the purpose that drives us, and the experience and expertise we’ve built over decades.

As the lead author of the Project ROI research series, acclaimed by Forbes magazine as a game-changer for the field, we have developed the pathway for companies, civil society organizations, and government agencies to deliver sustainable impact for people, planet, and profit.

Our Services

We support our clients across the full range of services and research they need to help them achieve superior social, environmental, and financial performance. Our clients include leading businesses, social enterprises, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and government agencies.

Our core services include:


Impact Strategies

Design strategies that achieve measurable social, environmental, and financial impact.

The Business Case

Make and measure the business case for ESG (environment, social, and governance, including sustainability and corporate social responsibility). Project the financial value and payback for your organization.

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

Design and implement stakeholder engagement strategies and develop communication strategies to build the trust and support of key stakeholders and audiences.

Outcome & Impact Measurement

Measurement is essential but challenging. Our approach balances rigor with practicality, using metrics to support continuous improvement and competitive positioning.

ESG and CSR Services

Our leading experts and former practitioners can support the full range of ESG and CSR needs. Our advantage is that we go beyond cookie-cutter approaches to connect your core ESG and CSR activities to impact and value-creating strategies.

Partnership Development

Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals requires cooperation. Our unique experience and knowledge make multi-sector partnerships succeed.

Building Purpose-driven, Sustainable Organizations

Define your company’s purpose and enhance organizational culture, policies, processes, and procedures while developing organizational and staff capabilities.

Enhancing ESG Due Diligence

We support Financial Service, Private Equity, Legal, and other firms seeking to understand how ESG risks and opportunities will factor into the potential growth and success of investments.

Facilitation and Training

Our team includes world-renowned facilitators and trainers across the core elements of ESG.

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Why Impact ROI?

Impact ROI has the knowledge and tools you need to make meaningful and lasting progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a way that supports financial objectives.

  • The leader in defining and measuring the financial and competitive business case for sustainability.
  • The leader in designing and building Impact ESG, Sustainability, and CSR strategies.
  • Trusted by business and external stakeholders alike.

Dozens of Leading Clients Across Sectors

Lead Author of the 3 Project ROI Research Reports

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