Corporate Responsibility and
Sustainability Have Great
Potential to Deliver
Returns on Investment

Project ROI is a leading series of research reports, led by lead author and Impact ROI CEO Steve Rochlin (working for Impact ROI’s predecessor organization IO Sustainability). Project ROI has involved leading partners from Babson College and ACCP. The original study was sponsored by convening sponsor Verizon and supporting sponsor The Campbell Soup Company. Project ROI finds that corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability can deliver tangible financial return on investment (ROI) and wider bottom line results. But it’s not enough to do CR and sustainability, one must do it well. Project ROI defines a clear roadmap of essential practices for companies that want to improve the impact and value of their CR and sustainability performance.”

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Deliver ROI For Your Company

Impact ROI has developed a suite of services to get you started, including an initial diagnostic assessment to identify the potential for ROI in your existing portfolio, targeted training to strengthen your skills, and tailor-made engagement opportunities to take your approach to the next level.

The Project ROI Diagnostic provides your company a customized, matrix report highlighting:

  • The potential of your Corporate Responsibility (CR) / Sustainability approach to deliver financial ROI and competitive benefits for your business
  • The strengths of your approach to further leverage for impact
  • The gaps to address
  • The untapped assets for capitalize on
  • A high-level benchmark comparison against good practice approaches

The six-week process involves:

  • Prepare – participate in a one (1) hour call and document sharing
  • Assess – the Impact ROI team will analyze the materials and conduct supplemental research
  • Review – participate in a one (1) hour meeting facilitated by Impact ROI to review the findings and discuss identified opportunities

Customized training provides executives and managers with the leadership, strategy, management, measurement, program design, and communication skills to design high-impact, value generating approaches to corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S). Training can address the full scope of CR&S approaches; concentrate on specific environmental, social, and governance issues; and/or engage business and line functions in building CR&S approaches with ROI and societal impact potential that are aligned with their roles and objectives.

Project ROI training equips staff with the skills needed to design, deliver, measure, and report ROI from CR&S programs. Training options include:

  • Senior Executive Briefings (2 hours);
  • Professional Development (8-16 hours); or
  • Advanced Briefings (2-8 hours).

To schedule a custom training, please contact us at

Impact ROI will work directly with your company to build CR&S strategies with high ROI and impact potential. Impact ROI’s approach can align and integrate these strategies with your company’s R&D, product and service design, marketing, sales, production, operations, sourcing, HR, risk management, public affairs, and communications functions.

Impact ROI will design key programs and partnerships; develop management processes; conduct measurement and evaluation; craft external and internal communications, reporting, and disclosures; build supportive stakeholder engagement approaches; and support the implementation of the entire approach.

Impact ROI typically engages clients through three mechanisms:

  • Team Workshop

    Bring key executives and managers together for a facilitated workshop tailored to address a specific priority area. The length of the workshop can vary based on the depth and scope of the workshop agenda.

  • Customized Engagement

    Collaborate directly with the Impact ROI team of experts to develop an engagement that it tailored to your unique needs. Our team is experienced in strategic planning, program design, measurement and evaluation, stakeholder management, partnership identification and facilitation, communication and reporting, among other areas.

  • Coaching

    Experienced team members from Impact ROI will guide executives and managers through the key steps to lead a strategic, impactful, high-ROI potential approach to CR&S.

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