Steve Rochlin

CEO and Founder
Steve Rochlin formed Impact ROI as the new banner to continue the work of

Bob Beer

Senior Advisor
Bob has 30 years experience in business-to-business marketing, product and market

Louise Hilsen

Senior Advisor
Louise Hilsen draws on more than three decades of public policy experience in Washington,

Terry Huang

Senior Advisor
Terry Huang is Professor and Director of the Center for Systems and Community Design at

Lane Jost

Senior Advisor
Lane Jost, is Head of ESG Advisory US, Edelman Smithfield Lane is a seasoned ESG

Jessica McGlyn

Senior Advisor
Jessica is Founder and President of Catalynics, a consultancy with the mission to help

Andy Molinsky

Senior Advisor
Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, with a joint

Rodell Mollineau

Senior Advisor
Rodell Mollineau is a political and public affairs strategist with 20 years of experience

Lisa Novick

Senior Advisor
Lisa has worked in the marketing/communications and philanthropy fields for 30 years.  She

Matt Rees

Senior Advisor
Matthew Rees is the founder of Geonomica, an editorial consulting firm that works with